We run beginner surfing lessons for all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Our beginner surf lessons focus on performance and surf awareness. Learning about the ocean is just as important as being able to stand on a surf board.

Our aim with our beginner lessons is to provide the greatest fundamental surf knowledge to our participants, so they can eventually surf confidently and safely on their own. As coaches, it is our duty to train others to be confident in their own abilities and judgements. Surfing is a sport where you need to think fast and then be able to react, which is why it is perfect for confidence building and training every day motor skills. It does not matter what your skill level or age is, our coaches are trained professionals at recognising your abilities and being able to work with them. There’s absolutely no reason to feel nervous or out of place in the ocean.

Their are many reasons why people want to learn to surf. Some people love the challenge, others want to train to become professionals, but most of us just want to learn surfing because its fun and keeps us in good shape. Thats how we all start, whatever your goals are, we have the resources and knowledge to help you.


Youth Surf is a new, fun and dynamic social group where students can learn to surf amongst their peers, in a safe and relaxing environment. This class is supervised and instructed by inspiring coaches with a strong influence to help kids and teens succeed through all walks of life. North Caloundra Surf School encourages diverse team learning where coaches and students can all learn something new from each other. Youth Surf classes are held at NCSS beaches outside of school hours.

This program is built to enhance student lifestyle, focus and direction. Youth Surf is an environment where students can build mental fortitude through surfing, while creating great friendships.

Please request a booking for this class, contact Russell Hoffman on 0411 221 730.

Builds Confidence
Surfing develops confidence and mental fortitude.

Friendship & Connection
Surfing is great for socialising and building like-minded friendships.

Keeps you Fit
Full body workout, keeps you looking and feeling your best.

Life Purpose
Lets be honest, surfing makes life fun and easier to get up in the morning!