Classes for advanced surfers are available. North Caloundra Surf School has experienced staff who train individual high level surfers and squads from boardriders clubs for competition and to improve surfing performance to the highest levels. Russell and several other North Caloundra Surf School coaches are Level 2 (advanced surf coaching) qualified and have many years of experience and success coaching advanced/ competition surfers.


Russell Hoffman, Tim Ollier and Cameron Macdougall are three of the best high performance surfing, and aerial mentors on the Sunshine Coast. Together, they have designed a unique aerial specific program that focuses on the fact that; you cannot succeed competitively in modern day surfing without aerial manoeuvres. This specialised, program of excellence is available all-year-round.

The program will be run in Caloundra, and will be overseen by Surfing Qld level 2 high performance coach Russell Hoffman from North Caloundra Surf School.

Together our team can develop a stronger agenda to the mastery of aerial surfing.

The Caloundra area is responsible many great surfers including: Reef Heazlewood, Wade Goodall, Joel Parkinson, Serena Brooke, Tim Ollier, Cameron Macdougall, Mitch Coleborn. “The reputation for advanced surfing is high in Caloundra and we want to see it progress.” Says Russell.

North Caloundra Surf School will be pushing this service throughout the remaining years of our surf coaching careers. Russell says, “The air is the future of competitive surfing, so it’s important to choose a coach that has high ability and knowledge in this area.  If you want your surfing to be relevant to modern competitive surfing, air moves are a must. We also provide strength and conditioning coaching for those serious about performance.”

Our three mentors are here to awaken and improve your air surfing. Russell, Tim and Cameron are experts at understanding what it takes to master this aspect of the sport. Booking is required through Russell Hoffman, to be eligible for this program you will need to provide evidence of your advanced surfing. This service has also been available to international competitive surfers.

Russell Hoffman is also a coach for competitive surfers from Windansea Boardriders Club in Caloundra.


Our level 2 advanced coaches are qualified in many areas of their professions, not just surf coaching. Surf strength and conditioning is available for those needing a correctional and scientific approach to surfing. Our coaches will correct and enhance your movement using their graduate knowledge and the best state-of-the-art gym equipment.

North Caloundra Surf School is on the cutting edge of high performance surfing with a team of great personalities to unleash your greatest potentials as a competitive surfer. This service is not only for competitors, but for any clubs or individuals looking to fine-tune their surf skills.

Read more in our NCSS Strength & Conditioning article.


Coaches Personality
The most important… choose a coach who naturally motivates you to train.

Years of Experience
Qualifications are great, but they aren’t everything. Choose a coach with plenty experience.

Graduate knowledge… Our coaches are also experienced judges and fitness professionals.

Knowledge of Modern Surfing
It’s the 21st century… Choose a coach that knows and respects the modern judging criteria.