Surf Therapy for Women …

Women on the Waves is in an in-depth, inclusive women’s only surfing program for females thirteen and older (no maximum age) and for all abilities and backgrounds.

Bonnie from North Caloundra Surf School, has designed this program for women, who not only want to learn how to surf but would like to be a part of a social sisterhood and meet new like-minded friends. Women on the Waves is a haven where ladies can feel comfortable and safe while learning to surf, and also understanding the ways of the ocean.

Bonnie’s coaching style emphasises surf safety & awareness, building confidence and developing drive – a down-to-earth approach to women’s surfing. Bonnie says that “the program has always been a great social environment but it’s also my goal to train the ladies so they can surf confidently and safely on their own.” The group is mainly for beginners (first-time beginners, intermediate beginners, advanced beginners and occasional intermediates).

This specified program is also instructed by our best female coaches (assistance may be provided by male instructors when required) who will guide, help and answer any questions about this extremely empowering art and sport. From beginner to intermediate, this program is all about having fun and unleashing your greatest potentials in the water.

More information on our SURF THERAPY page – this discounted program supports NDIS government funded participants. Talk to your plan manager about formulating an agreement with us so that NDIS funding can be used for our therapeutic surfing lessons.

To view booking information visit our ONLINE BOOKINGS page.
For more information text or call Bonnie on: 0421 279 274

A highly discounted option for any women seeking a therapeutic approach to surfing. It does not matter what your age or abilities are, our coaches are trained professionals at understanding your needs. This program is designed to lift your spirits and gain you confidence. 

Builds Confidence
Surfing develops confidence and mental fortitude.

Friendship and Connection
Surfing is great for socialising and building like-minded friendships.

Keeps you Fit
Full body workout, keeps you looking and feeling your best.

Life Purpose
Lets be honest, surfing makes life fun and easier to get up in the morning!