Russell Hoffman is one of the only master tutor surf coaches in Queensland with decades of experience.

North Caloundra Surf School can sign you as a qualified surf coach. We have been providing this complimentary service for twenty years, and have trained and accredited dozens of male and female surf coaches throughout Queensland and all of Australia.

This accreditation pathway through Surfing Queensland and voluntary hours through North Caloundra Surf School is one of the most respected coaching courses in the industry, with the best value for money. NCSS is one of the best surf schools in the industry with the strongest team of mentors and coaches.

The surf coaching course is great for developing fundamental knowledge, but learning the tricks of the trade while on the job is of the most importance. NCSS goes that extra length in preparing you for the real world of surf coaching, in one of the most respected team environments on the Sunshine Coast.

NCSS recognises the general challenges that come with being new in the surf coaching industry… We want to say that we understand the value that surf coaches add to our business, and know that every coach has their own style and learns at their own pace. It is our duty to create a comfortable learning dynamic for all workers and volunteers.

Our mentors have many years of experience and understand each coach has their differences. We encourage a versatile team environment where we can all learn something new from one another.

NCSS, General Surf Coach Accreditations:
Level 1/2 Surf Coaching Qualification, Working with Childen Blue Card (p), Bronze Medallion (surf), Surf Rescue Certificate, CPR, First Aid, Play By The Rules (child protection), Verified Voluntary Hours, Surfing Queensland Membership.

To find out more contact Russell Hoffman on 0411 221 730, or email