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North Caloundra Surf School is now providing Surf Specific Strength & Conditioning to complement all levels of surfing. We will be running this new service all year round.

Scott Nicholson, an advanced Level 2 Instructor, has been in the surf coaching industry for over a decade now, has taught Martial Arts for 15 years, and has a vast wealth of knowledge in the areas of high-performance coaching, health, and fitness. On top of Level 1 Strength & Conditioning, Scotty also holds a wide range of qualifications; including Cert IV in Fitness (PT), is studying a Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science, also studying Cert IV in Nutrition. He is a ranked 1st Dan Black Belt and has years training and coaching in MMA (mixed martial arts), Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, Japanese Ju-Jitsu and Muay Thai.

Scott is constantly involved in research, and developing his skills to bring out the best in human performance.

His coaching style is very personalised, and is highly experienced working with men, women and children of all ages and types of personalities.

Scotty is one of the friendliest and most experienced coaches in our local surf world. He emphasises discipline and structure to ensure that his clients are happy and always making progress with achievable goals. NCSS will be recommending this new service to participants wishing to up their game and discipline in this physically and mentally demanding art and sport. If you are a new to the world of surfing, don’t stress because this will be available for all abilities, ages and backgrounds. It does not matter if you can’t even stand up on a surfboard, this is a fitness service designed to enhance performance, no matter what that may be. Your average personal trainer at a gym rarely understands surfing at a qualified coaching level, let alone a high performance understanding of mixed martial arts training. All of this knowledge, combined with expertise in strength & conditioning goes into every one of our clients.

Our bodies are designed to have energy and move, with power!

Scotty is a powerhouse of a coach and can help unleash and resurface any of your dormant and wasted energies. Not only is this service great for physical health, but also your mental wellbeing. Most advanced competitive surfers have a private coach, as well as their general boardriders club training programs. North Caloundra Surf School has a smorgasbord of advanced coaches. Each having their main strengths, whether that be coaching someone to catch a barrel, improving their style and flow or landing big aerial manoeuvres… Scotty’s knowledge of strength & conditioning is designed to compliment every aspect of your surfing by fine-tuning your body mechanics. You will be able to move with more precision, and exert that dormant explosive, long-lasting energy you were designed to have.

We highly recommend giving Russell Hoffman a call, he will direct you to the best coach for your needs.

If you are someone that wants:

– Strength, Balance, Flexibility, Stamina,
– Mental clarity & awareness
– A fitness program revolved just around surfing…

This program is for you.

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