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Steering away from our old 2014 website and rebrand, we felt it was the perfect time again, to give the surf school a fresh new look for 2021. With the professionalism and help of our current web designer, and some guidance from our creative director.

A quick wrap up of what has changed…
We wanted our well-known label to stay familiar but freshen it up with a semi rebrand, and a few splashes of new colour. Our updated colours: yellow, black and white are now our primary brand colours for North Caloundra Surf School. We also introduced a few new aspects of our services to our website, and added some extra content for our readers. Although we have been supplying these newly displayed services throughout our twenty plus operational years, we did not have enough online information for them. We feel as though our previous website was not giving ourselves enough credit, so our overall aim was to build on our already strong foundation, and turn it into an informational website that we can extend on.

Why did we bail on the bright blue and introduce black?
We wanted to emanate the sense of a more advanced and grown, North Caloundra Surf School. Although we teach thousands of beginners and children every year, we felt the bright, fun colours within our branding were slightly over representing this, and not giving credit to the other areas of our advanced expertise. Our previous blue and yellow pop palette was great as it effortlessly stood out, but we need to also appeal to our main online viewers of adults, teens & our local respected surf community. Hence, a more stylish, modern and appropriate palette for our market.

Setting the bar, yet again, 2021 marks a new era for NCSS – Revamping ourselves to express our professional involvements in this new triumphing world of high performance surfing, plus all other bases of the sport. Our experience of advanced coaching is the pinnacle of our surf knowledge, we are also the only surf school in Caloundra with a broad understanding of high performance and competition surfing. The aim is now to reflect this throughout our entire brand. On another note, we also feel that our newly simplified colours are far more versatile, and better for various advertising mediums. We plan on dropping a few new goodies online for our community very soon.

What are the new extra features?
The extra features include a new local news section, plus more featured social media to extend familiarity of our coaches personalities and community. Bringing the people together, we want to give our viewers more of an inside perspective, and what goes on in our daily lives. We are not just a business that delivers top quality surf lessons, but also connected to a whole local community. We are the heart of the Caloundra surf community, and would like to give our viewers an inside scope of our involvements within the public. Comfort is very important for our customers, which is why we have been familiarising our friendly circle of coaches and local surfers via social media, so that they are easily recognised and approachable. We feel as though there are a lot of customers, especially beginners, that get nervous when talking to surfers for the first time. We are a down-to-earth bunch of mates, and want to make everyone feel confident asking for our advice. For this, we have supplied more of our personality online so others feel at ease. Other added features include board hire, through our local mates at BeachBeat and Surfware Australia. We have also displayed our involvements in charity, surf therapy and how to become a surf coach with us…

What are our newly displayed programs?
We are displaying more information on our unique aerial specific training program, plus our newly introduced surf strength & conditioning. As a surf school that has a high reputation for advanced coaching we strongly felt that we were undermining ourselves by not displaying it on our previous website. Our involvements with advanced training is very frequent, and the advanced surfers we coach and associate with are well-known within our local competitive surfing circle… Head coach & owner, Russell Hoffman, being an advanced trainer for the Windansea Boardriders Club. (View more of this on our Advanced Lessons page)…

A new section with information on how to become a surf coach at our surf school has been added. We have also outlined what qualifications and skills are needed to become a qualified coach. Our team has a strong history of friendship, and we are proud to have such an authentic group of coaches. We support any surfers that would also like to become surf instructors with us, and encourage an inspirational learning environment. New updates to surf therapy classes were made with information regarding SalTy Souls Legacy, Women on the Waves and directions on how to apply for our government funded surf lessons. We acknowledge that surfing is for everyone, of all abilities and backgrounds. We want to make sure that these alternative funded pathways are easily accessible and outlined to the public. Our duty as coaches is to make people feel happy with their achievements no matter what that may look like, and provide a safe circle for socialising and connection. There’s an informational section on previous charity events we have held, to again, give our viewers a better sense of our community, and our involvements.

What to expect?
We never know what new ideas will arise. But, be sure to know that we will be serving the exact same, quality surf lessons that you all love…

Bonnie Greig,
North Caloundra Surf School

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