Here at NCSS, we believe that you’re never too old to bring new fun and fitness into your life and surfing is the ultimate way to do it. North Caloundra Surf School provides lessons for seniors and recognise all individual learning levels. The foam surfboards we teach you on these days are much safer and easier to handle than in years gone by. 

Over our two decades of operation we have had many senior participants with all different abilities. We get asked many questions regarding age and fitness levels, all of our beginner lessons are constructed in shallow fluffy ‘white wash’ waves. You will be standing in the water, with your feet anchored to the sand most of the lesson, not much paddling is required. We find a lot of elderly participants have fun just standing up on their knees first as some cannot get straight to their feet. It’s perfectly fine to use alternative methods to surf. Most of our seniors end up being returning customers and surprising themselves with their personal achievements. Even just getting in the water and having a splash is fun and great for your health, we highly encourage it.

Russell Hoffman: 0411 221 730