Winter generally has the best conditions for learning to surf because the prevailing winds are from a more favourable direction making for smoother, easier waves and the surf is less crowded too.  The price of these lessons is 1/3 off the normal price of group classes! Have fun improving your surfing with experienced coaches and alongside other aspiring surfers like yourself.  Great cafes and coffee nearby to treat yourself after class.

Russell Hoffman: “Winter is the season when our business goes rather quiet. So, we’ve introduced a highly discounted program to get more people in the water. We still want people to experience surfing and the many health benefits the cold ocean has to offer.  A lot of people think cold water is bad for you, but its actually really good and the waves are a lot cleaner and clearer – which is why surfers love it.”

“Being a sub-tropical Queensland environment, our winter weather is of the warmest in Australia. We usually get a lot of tourists from Victoria joining in, as our winter is much warmer then theirs, but we still supply wetsuits for those that need them. The best thing about surfing in winter is that the surf and car parks are usually less crowded too.”

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Builds Confidence
Surfing develops confidence and mental fortitude.

Friendship & Connection
Surfing is great for socialising and building like-minded friendships.

Keeps you Fit
Full body workout, keeps you looking and feeling your best.

Life Purpose
Lets be honest, surfing makes life fun and easier to get up in the morning!