2022: Experimenting new coaching strategies

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North Caloundra Surf School (NCSS) experiments with new coaching strategies to develop an equipped training regimen for students. The focus will be directed towards student health, lifestyle and wellness with added performance enhancing protocols, specific to each level of surfing. Aiming towards a well-rounded service that provides long-term progressive education for dedicated foundational and high performance surfers. Coaches of NCSS are now stepping up to enrich and inspire the training of the local community and industry.

Last year NCSS coaches Russell Hoffman and Bonnie Greig produced a new training guide for members. The @surf4health development guide helps learners better understand the fundamentals of surfing, surf safety and health. The workbooks are being used by students taking part in school-based surfing programs, which now sees Currimundi State School, Talara Primary, and soon Baringa Boardriders using the guides. The Sunshine Coast surfing community are raising the bar with more emerging talent on the professional scale. Industry leaders feel the urge now to provide an equivalent outlet for the potential of these younger generations. The concept of the book could be an entrance point to which a more encompassed training and surf education can be established within NCSS. Wellness, performance and the betterment of the community are the main purposes behind @surf4health. NCSS encourages the use of the development guides for all ages, abilities and backgrounds, with a lot of the members also being Women on the Waves students.

Russell Hoffman, owner of NCSS adds, “There’s broad range of coaches so it’s going to be very interesting to see what the team comes up with. I’m in full support and will be contributing my twenty-five years’ surf coaching experience, working with beginner to advanced professionals…” “…I’m not exactly sure just yet how we will present this, but there is an opportunity for greater things. We have discussed it many times before and must remain level-headed but open to all possibilities.”

Scott Nicholson, level two progressive surf coach who has worked for NCSS for the last decade, has been dedicating his time to study. Scotty is at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) studying a Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science. He already holds a Certificate IV in Fitness, Level 1 Strength and Conditioning (ASCA) as well as mixed martial arts coaching. He is currently working with clients at Salt Health Club in Currimundi.

NCSS Women on the Waves coach, Bonnie says, “It’s 2022 now and I feel like we could be offering much more for our beginner and intermediate students.” “…I’m just learning what I love and stepping out into another industry because I believe there’s potential. We still have a lot of work to do but the surf school coaches are motivated to come together and get it done.” Bonnie, a senior graphic designer has also dedicated her time to completing the USC tertiary pathways program with proficiencies in maths, chemistry and biology. She has currently been networking with health & fitness mentors, Donal & Cathy Carr to help with some of the next stages, and provide NCSS members the option to train with them. Donal, who is a senior CHEK faculty member (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology), rehab specialist and professional athlete trainer. Cathy, also a CHEK practitioner and mentor for fitness professionals, she is a leading expert in Australia for women’s health.

For NCSS coaches, 2022 will be a year of strategic planning and developing a broader curriculum. If by any chance NCSS struggles to meet the goal, there will still be a possession of deeper knowledge through their learning. The vast majority of NCSS coaches have coexisting experience in the avenues of health, fitness, recreation, education and surfing. This includes tour and surf guiding, primary and secondary teaching, physical education, outdoor recreation, social and disability work. Plus, fitness, strength and conditioning, manual therapy, competitive surfing, bodyboarding, judging and coaching.

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